Monday, November 20, 2006

2 A Week of Madness

When I got to the apartment where we were staying, a.k.a "Marriage Central," the ladies of the house greeted me by warding off bad luck with an "aarthi." My mom and my aunt sang a welcome song and I entered the house right foot first.

By the time lunch rolled around, I had gone to a clothing store to get measured for the many blouses that were to be stitched for my wedding sarees and a jewelry store to buy earrings and a ring. The jetlag really hit me after lunch. By 4pm I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and had to nap.

I didn't get to nap long. While I ran off on yet another shopping errand, my brother took advantage of an empty bed.

Right below our apartment complex was Matsya, a great South Indian vegetarian restaurant. We comandeered their private dining room for dinner. And had some great food.

All this was just day 1 in India.

The next day, I got a shot of a bull standing in the rain before I went out for more shopping.

I didn't have much say in all the wedding purchases up to now (such as sarees, jewelry, etc.), but I had to get these! Bling!

One of Vivek's little cousins, Samira, loves the story of Cinderella. Her mom had told her that Vivek was a prince and that I was Cinderella. I couldn't wait to show her these shoes. They have glass heels.

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Ramakrishnan said...

hey sis nice blog and for ur info the pic of the animal in the rain was actually a bull and not a cow. Rest is great