Monday, November 20, 2006

3 Mehndhi Party

Before I knew it, I'd been in India four days. It was Thursday and I had had just about enough of the running around. At 2pm, two girls who are skilled mehndhi/henna artists arrived at the apartment to put me through four hours of sitting and doing nothing. They drew wonderful henna designs on my hands and feet. My mom, my aunts and my cousin also got their designs done then.

I kept the paste on my hands and feet the rest of the day and all night. People came and went, but I stayed put. It was a good break from the running around.

We had decided earlier that me and a few other important people would get our mehndhi done a day before the actual henna party. Since I was going to be dressed up and decked out, I didn't want the henna to get on my clothes. And it would give us a chance to mingle easily without messing up our designs. The party the next day was fabulous. There was plenty of socializing, dancing, and great food of course. Click on the following link to see those photos.


The highlight of the day was seeing my grandparents after almost three years. It was a real effort for them to travel down from Mumbai in central India. They are one of the main reasons I wanted my wedding to take place in India and I was so happy that they were there to share this with me.


en said...

very cool rattyT to V!
The henna looks great. And i want to see those shoes, in rounds on monday, when i get back. bling!=P

keep the posts coming. its really interesting.

... and again, congrats on your wedding!

chetana said...

Hi Divya and Vivek,

Congrats to both of you...very , very happy to see u guys finally married...the mehandi looks amazing...cant wait to get some of that on my hands...he, he..

I am terribly sorry I couldnt make it to your wedding...but I guess you know why ...:D

Take care...